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San Francisco Bay Area

En Bloc Breast Implant Removal

For patients who feel that they have generalized symptoms because of the presence of breast implants an En Bloc removal can be performed. The procedure consists in entirely removing the capsule that has formed around the implants together with the implants in “one piece”. The idea behind that is that the contents of the capsule will not be “spilled” during removal. The procedure is not necessary for every patient who wishes to have implants removed or replaced. For instance if a capsular contracture has formed (hardening of the implants) a neo sub-pectoral plane technique can be used instead.

The En Bloc technique requires a slightly longer incision and it takes longer to perform than a simple implant removal so therefore it should be reserved only to patients who feel they have generalized symptoms because of the presence of implants. At the time of the consultation we’ll assess together the indications and discuss the different techniques used for implant removal.

For patients who desire additional volume or wish for a better shape once the implant is removed, a breast lift and/or fat grafts can be performed at the same time as the procedure or at a later time as well.